The primary difference between a real estate business and a business brokerage firm is susceptibility to the ebb and tide of the economy. In good times and bad times, business owners still need to sell their businesses for a multitude of reasons

What is a Business Broker?

Economist Robert Avery from Cornell University wrote in a paper prepared for the 2006 Economic Summit; estimates that $10 trillion of assets and over 12 million privately held companies will be transferred as Baby Boomers start to retire. Other estimates predict that 10,000 Baby Boomers will become eligible for Social Security every day, with 80 million retiring over the next two decades. Others will exit their corporate positions and acquire a business to supplement their retirement income and to build additional income and equity.

There are over 27 million businesses in United States today. The average commission is between 10%-12% of the sale price of the business.Based upon recent surveys, there are only 3,500 business brokerages in the U.S. Whether the economy is good or bad, people are always selling and buying businesses. We have found in our own practice that when the economy is weak, business brokers historically see more potential buyers entering the market due to corporate downsizing and layoffs.

What does a Business Broker do?

A Business Broker is similar to a real estate agent who sells homes and earns a commission. Instead of selling homes, though, Business Brokers specialize in selling everything from the local pizza restaurant, dry cleaner and convenience store to larger companies such as manufacturing, distributing and service businesses.

A Business Broker connects people who are looking to sell a business with people who are looking to purchase a business, and helps them to complete the transaction. It’s as simple as that!

Are you ready to start earning the kind of income that you have always dreamed about? 8 Are you looking for a new career that is exciting, challenging, and offers you satisfaction? Would you like to find personal fulfillment by helping people in your business community achieve their goals…while earning a 10-12% commission?1 Are you looking for a career that offers the flexibility of working from home while improving your quality of life and seeking your financial independence

Benefits of Becoming a Business Broker.

Business Brokering is one of the most exciting, challenging and profitable careers available today. Other benefits include:

  • Regular business hours
  • Better quality of life
  • A choice of working full-time or part-time
  • Flexibility of choosing a home-based or office location
  • Multiple sources of income
  • Being your own boss
  • No inventory or employees

Typical Commissions

The table below shows some examples of transactions that our Capital Business Solutions (CBS) business brokers have completed with their corresponding selling prices and commissions earned:

Main Street Brokerage (Completed Sales)

Business Sold: Commission: Selling Price:
Ice Cream
Wholesale HVAC
Office Supply Co.
FedEx Route
Coffee Shop
Cabinet Mfg.
Oil Well Lease
Pet Food Store

These are actual sales and corresponding broker commissions. Of course, how much you earn depends on how motivated you are. For a Preview of CBS Mergers and Acquisitions listings, please contact our Corporate Headquarters.

Why Become a Business Broker with CBS?

One of the goals we set when we founded CBS was to make the experience of becoming a broker both educational and beneficial.

In our 5-day training course we will provide you with the skills needed and the proven methods that will help you become successful as a Business Broker. Additionally, you will have:

  • Become affiliated with a recognized and respected organization
  • Corporate website and email address on our domain for the office owner and your agents:
  • CBS telemarketers to produce leads with potential sellers in your marketplace
  • Forms, marketing materials, agreements and contracts to conduct business
  • Ongoing training and support from Capital’s professional team
  • Evaluation software
  • Contact management system
  • The largest exclusive territory in the industry

What traits do we look for in a good business broker?

  • Comfortable talking to people
  • Ambitious, self-motivated – “Go-getters” make great business brokers
  • Dedicated – those looking for a get-rich quick scheme need not apply
  • Integrity
  • Self-confidence

As part of the CBS family, you’re not becoming an independent Business Broker; you are joining a professional network. We will help you succeed by providing you with:

  • Ongoing marketing and advertising of your businesses for sale on our website and on other websites
  • A listing in our database of Business Brokers
  • Telemarketing services as provided in the Franchise Disclosure Document and Franchise Agreement.
  • Access to our network of financing sources
  • On-going support

The need for well-trained, qualified business brokers with a global presence prompted us to develop a unique company structured to support and service the business brokerage industry.

Capital Business Solutions has successfully accomplished this goal! Our 5-day, comprehensive training program is taught by an experienced, practicing business broker. During training, you will receive the tools and knowledge necessary to become a business broker. It does not end there, our exclusive methods, proprietary back office services and support allows you the freedom and satisfaction of setting your own hours and achieving your own financial independence. Your success, however, will ultimately depend on your own efforts and dedication.

The CBS Advantage

1. Experienced, successful business brokers provide you with top-quality training.
2. Ongoing support and services that is unparalleled in the industry.
3. The opportunity to build equity as you grow your business.

Additional Revenue Centers

As a Business Broker with Capital Business Solutions, you have additional revenue centers* from which you can derive significant additional income:

1. Commissions from Business Loans
Business owners require cash for numerous reasons. Our network provides access to a vast data- base of financial lenders full of different types of business loans available and ways to raise capital for business owners. Available financing options include:

  • Acquisition/Expansion Loans
  • Accounts Receivables Financing and Factoring
  • Small Business Association Loans
  • Seller Financed Business Note Financing

2. Business Evaluation Fees
Business owners sometimes need a formal valuation of their businesses for reasons such as divorce, partnership break-up, estate planning, etc. Whatever the reason, you can earn additional income by offering valuation services.

Our training course will provide the software and fundamentals to allow you to prepare business evaluations.

3. Franchise Brokering
We are currently negotiating we several nationwide franchisors to provide franchise brokerage services.

*Please check with your individual state as to possible licensing requirements on the above services


“The people that I have worked with at CBS are awesome, and the support that I have received as an office owner is great. It took me awhile to get focused on what I needed to do to be a successful broker, but CBS did not give up on me…they were patient and stuck by me. The telemarketing leads that CBS generated helped me get launched. The resources provided are excellent. They provide a back office of forms and resources that are customizable to fit my specific needs. They also provide individualized website capabilities to help you customize your personal website. Being a part of Capital Business Solutions is very satisfying.”

– Ramon, CBS Office Owner

“I wanted to share some information about the benefits of joining and training with Capital Business Solutions. I can tell you that what I received from the CBS Training Program has been, without a doubt, amazing! I have a strong corporate background, have owned my own company and was an industry leader in real estate for many years. When I was presented the opportunity to join Capital Business Solutions, I did my homework and research and decided to commit to the process of transitioning into Business Brokering.”

“The training program was extremely comprehensive. CBS’s training manual is still an excellent resource for me when needed. The most beneficial thing I can share is how clearly the information was outlined and presented. The class was large enough to have great interaction and synergy, yet was small enough to have the trainer address my questions individually. This allowed for all who attended to have a chance to interact with the instructor as well as each other.”

“As I developed my abilities as a Business Broker, Roberta Caputo and other colleagues of the CBS team have been there for me every step of the way. I have had to make calls at unexpected times, and a CBS mentor has ALWAYS been available for me. This has been invaluable.”

“I have been in the industry for over to a year now and the system that CBS has in place supplied me with leads immediately upon joining. Within three months, I had several businesses listed, and by my fourth month I had completed my first sale. I have utilized Capital’s training to enhance my networking skills and am now running full force. With a few transactions closed, a few under contract and new clients listing with me, I can definitively say that joining CBS was the best decision I could have made.”

– John, CBS Business Broker

Join Our Team of Successful Business Brokers

What Recent Attendees Are Saying About CBS’s Broker Training Program

“This class is a 10 across the board. It provides you with all the tools needed. Ron did a great job teaching us about specific situations and how to deal with them and gave good advice through his knowledge and experience actually working in the field.”

– Arlene, Graduate

“Best bang for the buck. The financials analysis and review were the most educational parts of the class and the insight into recasting statements was really impressive.”

– Jeff, Graduate

“I would absolutely recommend this training course to anyone who wants to become a business broker. The presenter’s practical examples of his own experiences made a huge difference in our understanding of the material.”

– Ramon Sanches-Vines, Graduate

“This class has a great deal of high quality content and the training is not just book work. It is full of real world content and great examples of how to become an effective broker.”

– Rob Wagner, Graduate

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