When you build your business to sell, even if you have no plans to sell, you simply build a better company. You have few problems and challenges…There’s minimal stress, drama and ‎conflict. Mistakes and losses are rare. Teamwork, productivity and morale is sky-high. Things run smooth. You work less, earn more, and the company practically runs and grows ‎itself.  You simply monitor your company visual dashboard of all the KPIs … key performance indicators that give you a highly accurate current snap shot and future direction of your company. ‎You’re flying high on autopilot in your brand new business dreamliner.  

So how to you build to sell and make this a reality? You can learn it yourself over time from this new video series, or you can simply ask me, the Nation’s only build-to-sell authority, to personally look at your business and provide advice based on your specific circumstances to help you improve or grow your business in a way that also increases the value for future investors, lenders or buyers. You see, it’s far easier for me to read the label from outside the jar, than it is for you to read it from inside the jar, and that’s because ‎I’m continuously conducting business health and valuation assessments day in and day out, and after 20 years of experience, I can quickly spot patterns, problems, and areas of unmonetized potential that you may not see, even though they may be right under your nose.  

This is why so many companies, even those not interested in selling, ask me to assess and find areas they can cut costs, improve ROI and efficiency, and grow their revenues and profits. ‎ In some cases the transformation is so significant, I offer to participate as a partner or investor, using my own money. So think of me as the female Marcus Lemonis from the hit CNBC show The Profit. In fact, the network is considering me for that role, and who knows, perhaps your business could be one selected and thus benefit from the massive national exposure.  Now when you contact me, be sure to indicate your objective: 1) You want sellers to give you a big sum of money; 2) You want me to give you some money; or 3) You want to save or make more money, and want me to show you how. 

In all 3 cases, you will also discover what your company is really worth. You might think you know, based on some formula you saw on shark tank or somewhere, but I will tell you how much buyers are actually paying for businesses like yours, both in it’s current condition today, and after some adjustments or improvements. So stay tuned for the next tip video, or get in touch now and let’s talk about building your business to sell.  This email is going out to thousands of others like you, and I can only work with a select few at a time, so contact me today and let’s build your business Dreamliner, set up the cockpit, gas it up, and take it off.

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