Ever since the Republicans took control of the house in 2010, the gridlock that has existed between a Republican run House of Representatives and a Democratic majority Senate has led to the least-productive Congress in history. Midterm elections are here, and this matters not only for the fate of legislation topics but, also on Obama’s ability to gain favor in selecting top officials and judges who will outlast his presidency. Unfortunately, a large percentage of Americans won’t participate. Approximately 55% to 65% of eligible Americans show up to vote in presidential elections, but the percentage is even smaller for mid-term ones; and even worse is that voter excitement is down from what it was last mid-term election. The US government is a bureaucratically dysfunctional institution that has mutated into something our founding fathers would have never agreed to. One thing about our government that especially infuriates me is that the people we elect (who are supposed to do what is in the people’s best interest) vote on their own salaries, benefits, and pay raise.

As businesswoman, I find the Federal government’s approach to finances completely illogical and unethical. Their salaries should be based on mathematical percentages and economic data. The people of this country have heard it before. Candidates like making big promises, but end up paying big dollars on self-promotions and office perks. These days, no matter who goes into office it seems inevitable that these new leaders will conform like the old ones by putting political processes in front of any progress, and so our nation remains stagnant.

However, the only one to blame for the state our nation is in is the people of this nation as a whole. Americans take their freedoms for granted. It is a gift to vote and yet only half of the country actually does their duty by voting. One mindset of Americans is, “why bother?” There is doubt over whether this country can even fix itself. It can, and it will. So vote, or die.

I have worked with some of the most financially deprived businesses that were on the fringe of unraveling. Anything can be corrected, and this election is due to breathe new life into Washington DC. I bet money that the Republicans overtake both houses. In my award winning and best-selling book, Sell Your Business for More Than It’s Worth, I discuss how to attract and qualify potential buyers who are interested in owning a previously established business for sale. I write memorandums on the business I want to sell, providing just enough detail to entice potential buyers. A pool of potential buyers for me is what a campaign trail of candidates is to the American people. While the Democratic Party has had the majority these past few years, the Republicans have been working hard, consolidating and archiving every detail, to what I’d call a political memorandum. The Democratic brand is a divided party with no strong agenda, and so now the time has come with an opportunity for the Republicans to capitalize on.

These elections are like the game of Monopoly, long, drawn out, and somewhat predictable. Perhaps the newly elected government officials will do well to their people and country. Truthfully, Americans deserve better than what Democrats and Republicans are trying to sell. The fact that Congress has retracted from its responsibility to govern and acts incapable of balancing the three executive and judicial branches through criticism or corrections is literally a disgrace and disservice to this country. So while the Democratic Party may be moving out of the Washington DC neighborhood for now, it should be little bit of relief to those who are disappointed that the temporary success for the one wins is just that —temporary.

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