Sell your Business – Brokers Have The Answers

Sell your business today! As Baby Boomers get closer to retirement age, many of them are deciding that it’s time to move on from business ownership to a more comfortable retirement lifestyle. Whether you fall into this demographic or not, there are many different options available if you decide it’s time to sell the operation that you have grown from the ground. The key to making the best decisions for selling a business is to align with a qualified business broker who can address all of your questions.

Many people think that the best thing to do is avoid the use of a broker because they take commission off of the sale, which takes money out of the pocket of the seller. That’s actually not the case. While brokers do take a commission, they are often able to sell at much higher prices than individuals who go it on their own. As a result, business owners actually come out ahead when working with a broker than they would if they sold the business themselves.

Sell your business with the assistance of a broker, and have the added benefit of an arsenal of resources that individuals in other industries cannot have access to. Brokers are able to use their considerable tools to match sellers with buyers who are actively in the market and ready to purchase. This can cut the stress of the process down substantially. Additionally, brokers are connected to tools of the trade that allow them to complete proper evaluations that yield higher asking prices for business owners.

One of the most valuable things to remember when deciding whether to go with a broker or not is to recall that the values that a broker is able to derive depend on actual, market comparisons. Numbers that impact value include revenue streams and considerations of debt. When sellers try to sell without the assistance of a broker, they can be mentally caught up in the sweat equity that was put in to the process. While that’s incredibly valuable to the seller, it doesn’t always translate to higher selling price.

Sell your business by working with an experienced broker who can guarantee results. Have faith in the broker’s abilities based on past performance and capacity to provide proper analysis of the market environment and business value. Allow your operation the chance to end up with the an owner who can provide the right environment to continue growth. Give yourself the peace of mind of knowing that your years worth of effort have not and will not go to waste. Qualified brokers provide seamless transitions and emotional ease.

Business brokers

Sell your Business - Brokers Have The Answers

Sell your Business – Brokers Have The Answers

Business brokers are the go-to professionals when it’s time for a business to change hands. Brokers have a specialized understanding of the business market as well as the importance of proper evaluation. They understand that value of confidentiality throughout the process. A broker takes a different perspective on your business than an independent seller would, and brokers also have a knowledge base more expansive than a real estate professional who attempts the same process. Selecting a broker isn’t about getting a professional. It’s about getting the right professional.

Sell your business online

Sell your business online, and cut out the amount of work you have to do in order to get the books closed. Your broker can connect you to options that promote your business to potential buyers through complete marketing plans. They utilize online tools and connect to databases on potential buyers who are actively in the market to purchase. The Internet has created a much smaller world than the one we have lived in previously, and buyers from across the globe can have confidential access to your listing to determine if they want to make your business theirs.

How to sell your business quickly at the highest price

How to sell your business quickly at the highest price– Price is the most common concern for owners who are considering putting their business on the market, and the key to getting the best price for your business is ensuring that a proper evaluation is done. Business evaluation determines the value of the business including all of the assets, machinery, outstanding receipts, contracts and more. They consider the market and the competition in the area. Once the evaluation is determined, then an asking price can be set.

How to sell your business to a competitor

How to sell your business to a competitor– Often, owners don’t consider their competition as an option for a buyer, but it is may be advisable to shop the operation around to local companies who offer the same services. Building a client list can take years, but being able to purchase a ready made one at a fraction of the cost of the sweat equity to build one is often a good idea. Work with a broker to determine if it’s possible to find a competitor to assume the operation.

Sell my business

Sell my business- If the time is right to move on in a different direction, then moving past the discussion phase and into the actively selling part requires some assistance from the owner and a lot of legwork for the broker. Hiring a broker removes the pressure from the owner, and it becomes possible to develop a marketing strategy, stage the business for sale, and develop the packages necessary to shop to the correct buyers. Sellers should prepare the necessary documentation and officially sign with the broker.

Sell your business fast

Sell your business fast once you enlist the help of a broker and begin the process of collecting the necessary documents and completing the initial steps of listing your operation. A typical sale period is between 9 and 12 months, though by working with a broker who has an arsenal of resources, sellers are able to find an actively searching buyer and make a quick connection. “Fast” in terms of business sales may not mean days, but a quick turn around is not worth the risk of a sale falling through or getting connected with the wrong buyer.

I want to sell my business

I want to sell my business.” If a business owner is sharing these sentiments right now, then it is time to move on to the next phase and out of the discussion portion of the event. This should follow a thorough conversation with all parties involved including family members, partners, investors and anyone else who has a need to know. Selling a business does not have to be a frightening or overwhelming experience if you have a broker who is qualified and experienced in business sales.

Sell your business yourself

Sell your business yourself if you think that your future would benefit more from that than with a broker. It is possible to sell a business by owner, but the situation is much more fraught with difficulty and frustration for the owner. Make sure to entertain as many offers as is necessary to get the right buyer for your business, and don’t jump at an offer just because it is passable. There is a difference between an offer and the correct offer, and owners should take their time rather than make a detrimental mistake.

Michelle Seiler Tucker

Whether you decide to go it alone or enlist the help of a broker, make sure to be surrounded by only experts in their fields who have a documented history of success. There is a different between a business broker and a qualified expert with a proven track record. Michelle Seiler Tucker is an experienced business broker who will help you sell your business and get the most money out of the deal. Michelle Seiler has business broker connections nationwide including: Louisiana, New York, Texas, Mississippi, and Illinois.

 Sell Your Business – Brokers Have The Answers

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