Sell My Business – What’s Your Next Step?

Sell my business” is often the sentiment that business brokers hear when they connect with a potential seller for the first time. There are a myriad of reasons why sellers may opt to unload their business for the best offer. Owners relocate or somehow end up unable to maintain ownership. Other times, owners decide to retire and sell the business in order to have a substantial nest egg to live on for many years to come. Regardless of the reason, many business owners may need assistance with determining if it is the right move.

The most important thing to remember when placing a business on the market is that actual value and emotional value are two different things. Sellers who get wrapped up in what they believe the business is worth, and may be sorely disappointed when the actual evaluation comes in. Businesses are valued not on their importance to the community or the number of years and amount of sweat equity that has gone in to them. Evaluation is a number based on many other numbers– not emotional attachment and dedication.

Sell my business” indicates that the business owner is beyond the consideration phase and has moved onto the next phase of the process, and this is a very big step. In order to make the process manageable for all parties involved, a business broker is a valuable asset to have on hand. Brokers are able to work as the middle man between buyers, sellers, attorneys, accountants and many other members of the process. By having a expert “directing traffic” at the heart of the endeavor, the process manages to be much more seamless.

There are business owners who opt to embark on the process of finding a buyer independently without the assistance of a broker, but this can range from a difficult to a disastrous idea. Without the guidance of a professional who can direct sellers on a realistic plan, business owners often set values too high and make decisions based on emotional attachment to the operation and not the actual value. Sometimes, this leads to a selling price that is well-outside the market. Other times owners are actually selling their operations short.

Sell my business” requests can open doors for business owners to move in a different financial direction, but selling products and services is incredibly different from the complex processes involved in moving a business from one owner to the next. Whether the owner is considering selling the whole business or just a portion of the interest, the implications for tax purposes, licensing, debt resolution proper valuation and more can be a twisted web that is best sorted out by a qualified professional.

I want to sell my business

I want to sell my business” is the first decision in the process of putting your business on the market, and it’s a decision that should only be made after a thorough discussion with all parties involved. This life changing choice could also affect the lives and livelihood of other owners, family members, employees and more, and it shouldn’t be made without a significant amount of investigation first. Sit down with a broker and discuss the possibilities of selling the operation. Make sure that all of this information aligns with the needs of all interested parties.

Sell my business online free

Sell my business online free” is often the first inclination that many sellers have. They believe that if they place their business on a listing site that doesn’t charge anything, they can make more money by saving broker’s fees. While working without a broker will save you the commission, it’s not worth the savings if you end up in a law suit because important documentation was mismanaged or you had to sell at well below valuation because you weren’t prepared. You have to pay experts, but your selling price will be much higher.

Sell my business fast

Sell my business fast” is often the desire of business owners who are ready to take the plunge and find a buyer. Speed is not the answer, however. Selling a business, on average, takes about 9 months to a year. It can happen much faster than that, especially if you are working with a broker who maintains a listing of buyers who are actively in the market to purchase. You don’t want to sacrifice the chance of finding the right buyer (at the right price) just to sell the business too quickly.

Business brokers

Sell My Business - What’s Your Next Step?

Sell My Business – What’s Your Next Step?

Business brokers are a valuable asset to the sale or acquisition of a business, and they can make the process much more manageable as owners embark on them. Expertise in business brokerage requires a firm grasp on concepts that range from the proper evaluation of a business to the marketing and staging of an operation for appropriate show on the market. Brokers understand the current conditions in the market, and they can assist owners in making the best decisions that will yield the highest selling price– while relieving most of the stress.

How much is my business worth?

How much is my business worth? Determining the value of a business is a complicated process that requires the examination of several different things, both tangible and intangible. Owners often attach a sentimental value to their business, but unfortunately, this cannot be translated into a dollar amount. Furthermore, the impact that a business has on a community also doesn’t exactly compute. Revenue, debt, machinery, competition, marketing conditions, forecasted success and more must all be examined in order to determine value, and this cannot be easily calculated without having a thorough understanding of the business as a whole.

Business evaluation

Business evaluation is the process of arranging the number that indicates the value of everything attached to the business. That will be the value that the selling price is derived from. Evaluation and selling price are not the same thing, and there is no one method to use that gets a proper evaluation for all businesses. Many things must be taken in to account including the type of business that is going on the market as well as the conditions in the market as a whole. Often, successful evaluations are a combination of several different methods.

Sell your business

Sell your business with an experienced business broker to get the value that years of hard work have produced. Brokers are able to determine the best asking price considering the market while allowing you to continue to operate within your daily routine. Brokers often maintain dynamic listings of buyers who are in the market to purchase a business, and they can quickly connect sellers with the correct buyer rather than the first buyer who comes along. If selling a business is in your future, researching brokers should come well before considerations of price.

Buy a business

Buy a business with a broker to ensure that you are getting a proper evaluation of the business that you are considering purchasing. Operations that are represented by a broker have the added benefit of a knowledgable background in the current market. They ensure buyers that the business is priced appropriately and has the revenue and forecasting to represent the value. Brokers create a professional and reputable sales process that utilize the foremost experts in the fields of tax documentation, accounting, lending and more.

Michelle Seiler Tucker

Whether buying a business or selling your operation is on the horizon, choose a broker who can make the process smooth and painless while offering guidance for legal issues, accounting considerations, real estate negotiations, lending propositions and more. Your broker can be the different between a deal and a disaster. Michelle Seiler Tucker is an experienced business broker who will help you sell your business and get the most money out of the deal. Michelle Seiler has business broker connections nationwide including: Louisiana, New York, Texas, Mississippi, and Illinois.

Sell My Business – What’s Your Next Step?

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