I would like to start off by saying “thank you” for all of your help and guidance with the sale of my 3 custom accessory outlets. I feel without your support and direction, I could never have received the selling price that you brought to the table. Every step in the sales procedure was overseen by you personally, allowing me to concentrate on running the 3 businesses, which were still in full operation. From the very first step in the sale process, evaluating what price we should ask for the sale of the 3 businesses, you carefully and accurately helped make those decisions not only easy, but more importantly, beneficial to me, the seller. You understood all of the intricate details of selling a business and used that knowledge to procure a timely sale of the business, while ensuring the seller receives the highest sale price obtainable, with all points being considered. The entire experience from beginning to sale, not only happened quicker than anticipated, it brought more than expected and caused very little intrusion, with regards to the ongoing operation of the 3 businesses. I would strongly suggest to every business owner interested in selling their business to acquire your help in that endeavor. I know that you will make that entire experience not only much easier, but much more rewarding at the closings’ sale table. Your help in this field is invaluable.

– M.J., Former Car/Truck Accessory Store Owner

Let me begin by thanking you for successfully selling our Distribution Company. I must admit that when I was approached by your office, I was apprehensive about being listed with a broker. In my experience, brokers seldom offer the focused, personalized service it takes to consummate a deal within the complexities to today’s business environment. After meeting with you the first time, I could see your level of commitment would be different. After months of hard work and dedication on your part, you brought me not one but TWO acceptable offers! Your unbiased advice during the selection process was also commendable. You made sure the client and I felt comfortable moving forward without pressure to sign the deal. The result was total success! In short, you made a very delicate and often invasive process, a very tolerable challenge. Your tenacious, organized and professional style is exactly what we needed to sell these product lines at a more than fair profit. I think you have definately found your calling. I would highly recommend anyone who is thinking of buying or selling a business to use Capital Business Solutions above all others. Thanks again for a job well done!

– Robert, Former Distribution Company Owner

We wanted to thank you and your staff at Capital Business Solutions for the professional and speedy service you all had provided in selling our Cafe. We had worked with other business brokers in the past and now see why your organization is highly recommended. We were impressed with your explanation on how you determined the value of our Cafe and your marketing strategy in listing the Cafe for sale. It was important that we sell the Cafe for its value and not just for the equipment, as so many past business brokers had recommended. Our Cafe had value in not only its equipment, but also in its 10-year reputation in the Metairie community. We were very impressed to learn within one week of signing the listing agreement, that you had found a buyer. This was not just any buyer that many past business brokers had brought to us with offers that were not worth entertaining, but instead, a buyer who offered the value of the Cafe and they were good people who we were excited to have become tenants of the building. Our experience with your organization has changed our negative perception about business brokers. We would be more than happy to recommend your services to any of our fellow colleagues and any person who is looking to sell their business for its value.

– Raul and Mariela, Former Café Owners

If you are serious about selling a business or buying one, my personal comments may be of interest to you. In spite of two of my greatest obstacles in selling my business, hurricane Katrina and my health, my business was sold in May of 2006. I received more than I expected, with 93% in cash. Michelle really showed her wisdom in closing deals and creating a win/win scenario! Her tenacity and focus is amazing! Here’s my interpretation on how this business was sold in spite of a difficult situation: Michelle Seiler is a true professional who controls every detail of the process. She is present at all prospective buyers/owner meetings. She does a great job of evaluating the price of a business, qualifying buyers and having them sign the confidentiality agreement. You will never meet a non-qualified buyer. Her office staff does a good job administratively, as Michelle is always working with her clients. They do a good job packaging and presenting the business so that it is user friendly for clients. Michelle will do whatever it takes to work for you. She has been to my house four times, and even to my hospital bed! She works when the job demands it without thought to her personal time. You will come first! During the many times I was in the hospital, she kept me positive. She always kept promoting my business with such a positive attitude. I have spent over twenty years as a corporate executive, training leaders to be all they can be. Michelle is the best example of excellence I have seen in action.

– Kirt, Former Medical Exam Company Owner

I am writing this letter on the way home from my son’s special needs school with Carol. The school is 200 miles away from my home. In the past, this trip was difficult to make together, due to the challenges associated with running a business and balancing a family. Usually, only one of us could leave the business and make the 800 mile weekend trip to bring our son home every other weekend. This all changed when you sold our business. We want to sincerely thank you for bringing in a buyer. Th is transaction will positively influence both the buyer and us. It is clear that the buyer benefits with a thriving business and we are enjoying the financial security and freedom to have more time. After all, you should work to live not live to work. In closing, the transition is going very well and you succeeded in finding us someone that blends in well with the business that we worked so hard to create. You and your staff are a blessing to our family.

– Michael and Carol, Former Dental Business Owners

At the beginning of the year, I was contemplating selling my Hand Therapy Practice with the anticipation of continuing to work part time in the business as a Hand Therapist versus Business Owner. Initially, my business partner and I attempted to sell the business on our own. After several months, we realized this was a task we were not qualified to handle. Therefore, we met with several other broker companies and interviewed several local and out of town brokers. This was a daunting task as we never felt comfortable with any other companies or any other person. In March of 2010, we met with you and immediately knew you were the person we could work with and would sell our practice. We appreciated your honesty, professionalism, knowledge of the industry and desire to help us be successful. We felt you were truly focused on our goals at the same time trying to find a buyer that would meet their needs as well as ours. In a little less than eight weeks, you sold our business at a rate that was even higher than the listed amount. The process was handled with expertise and ease and covered all the bases such as: valuing the business, completing the listing agreement details, communicating the process, launching to numerous websites, qualifying/finding the right buyer, securing the financial deposits, arranging the attorneys/legal transactions to finally closing the sale. In addition to your efforts going above and beyond what was expected, your staff was also extremely professional, courteous and efficient. In closing, I wanted to thank you for all your hard work and effort. I know at times I was difficult to deal with due to my “seller’s remorse” as you would say; however, your encouragement really helped me adjust to the transition. I also appreciate your efforts to continue checking on me and the buyer even though the business has been sold since May 20, 2010. I would recommend you and your staff at Capital Business Solutions to anyone in the future. My only suggestion to them would be – “Make sure you are ready to sell because it will happen with you.

– Missy, Former Physical Therapy Business Owner

I am sending this letter to thank you again for the superb job you and your staff did for me in the recent sale of my business. At the age of 63, I decided to retire after 24 very lucrative years in the publishing industry. During that time, I published a wedding magazine four times a year, in addition to two large bridal shows yearly. You negotiated a very satisfactory price and kept the sale in the forefront of your attention. The result of this effort was a multitude of meetings with perspective buyers in a relatively short period of time and a consequential sale in a very reasonable time frame. Your diligence and attentive efforts have resulted in my retirement proceeding as planned. The efforts of you and your staff have made it possible for me to enjoy a very comfortable retirement. If I had to do it over again, you would be my only choice to handle the promotion, price negotiation and sale of my business. Thanks again for a fantastic job!

—Bob, A former Publishing Company Owner

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